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Who is in charge of Fiverr website from page designer to ceo?

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Fiverr… I really do appreciate that you are here for me to be able to do what I Love and that is to create art in many forms. To associate with people on levels of business and relationship and to combine the two so that there is no distinction between business and personal relationships. The old saying… “This is business” is out the door. All of this that we do on this planet is about “Relationship” not money, power, greed, self indulgence, etc, etc. It is about the feeling we get when we interact with people, animals, and Mother Earth. That being said, this site needs a major overhaul. A major overhaul in the help forum dept. Look in our gigs where we type our description about ourselves. Do you see how word wrap makes it very hard to read? I think word wrap came out in the 1920’s. This is 2013. Where we upload our main photo at the top of the page is horrible. Way to big. There could be a lot of other useful info here.

Very slow to load with all that is going on in any given page. I thought I would never get to the end. This doesn’t make it very good for all the people who are at the bottom. Maybe some numbered links at the top of the page where people can click to any number they choose. I know this is not hard to accomplish. I appreciate your time in listening to my suggestions. I have many more, but for now is not important. I will continue to use Fiverr for as long as I can and promote it the best I can. Peace…

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Greetings and welcome. Some of your points are good.

Fiverr V2 probably won’t get a “major overhaul” since it is the NEW version of the platform. No doubt it will get some enhancements and features based on user feedback like yours.

The forum is a good place to vent and chat, but to get your suggestions heard by “page designer to ceo” you should make your suggestions directly to Fivverr customer support, as this is users forum.

In the meantime, you can make your Gig description look a lot better and avoid word wrap by using the formatting tools available inside your gig description set up. You can highlight, bold and make text larger.

And since you have a “video” gig, you may want to put up a video as part of your gig to show exactly what it is you do.

Good luck! 🙂

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