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Bad Buyers and Cancellations


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After having great success for 6 months on Fiverr, I am having a problem with buyers who wont read the ad, contact me before they buy, and want things out of scope so my cancellations are high now due to their negligence. Support has not been efficient & I am agitated. I even had a 5 star from a client who changed it after I declined his next request since he was a terrible client to deal with on his previous order. Is there no recourse for the seller or is it strictly a buyers club. Last time I checked, I was a freelancer, not an employee on the Fiverr platform, so I shouldnt be punished for cancelling an order or declining service. Its been all of a sudden that I am experiencing this and I am thinking about deactivating since I actually run on other platforms as well. What is our option if support is no help?

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