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At which stage do I receive my order?


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Hi all,

I paid for a gig that included a logo with a social media kit, business cards and source file… among other things.

I was happy with one of the concept logos that were provided to me, so I clicked ‘accept’ as I was done reviewing. Now it says my order is complete? The only thing I have is a single concept.jpg image with the ‘only on fiverr’ text at the bottom. Logo is useless.

Am I supposed to get everything I paid for before or after I clicked accept? The seller used a generic response every single time throughout the review process, and it was unclear as to what to do, how to accept etc. This is my first time using Fiverr. I have contacted the seller asking if I will get my order but nothing yet.


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if you in fact did not receive all of the necessary files that should have been included within the delivery, you may want to contact customer support. However, clicking blindly on “accept”, requires to also click blindly on the second confirmation window which basically reminds you that the order will be marked as complete and that you cannot ask for any revisions anymore.

Go ahead, contact CS 😕

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Thanks for that info.

I did see the confirmation button but I thought that confirmed the acceptance of the concept only.

It’s the sellers ‘generic’ replies, that led me to think that I had to click accept before we got passed the concept stage. We’ll, I know for next time at least!

I have just heard from the seller, so I am hoping that we can resolve it without any hassle.

Thanks again

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Talk first to your seller and ask her/him these questions.
Try to explain your concerns and understand his point of view… communication is the key.

After that you can talk to CS, if you still have issues.

All the best.

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