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Most important 3 thing need to Update/Added In Fiverr! Advantage For every seller


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A little bit Knowledge I think if Fiverr Will added this 3 Option in there Side and Apps I hope every seller are benefited From It.

1/ Analytics section: Selling>Analytics>Overview It has only 3 Option last 30 days last 3 months and Yearly.
if they added here lifetime analytics it will help us to Know our lifetime Performance.
and the Same Gig>Active Gig Right side Heres only 4 Option last 7 & 30 days last 3 & 6 Month. Need here Lifetime Performance analytics. If we know our Lifetime Gig Performance.

2/ Delivery: When we deliver a file in a source file section it doesn’t Show
There Phone Fiverr apps. Only show “Upload work” all file. Heres doesn’t show “Upload source file section” Uploaded file.
And they Misunderstanding us and give us a Bad rating for Source file. I get one more time in bad rating for there misunderstanding. I Delivered Source file But they give me the bad rating and tell me they did not get source file. They send there Phone Screenshot and tell they didn’t get it.
Though we deliver their source file. So Please add Source file option in Delivery section of Android or I phone apps,
if they find the source file in their phone apps.

3/ Available Now Option:- If it is added Phone Apps It will help to Better Using With us.
Many of seller doesn’t Stay in front of there pc. So if it is added Android or I phone apps we will use this in the Better time.

If you want any more Option to need to add in Fiverr side Please add in comment Below.
Md Imran
Level 1 seller In fiverr-

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