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The process of placing any new order by buyers must be changed


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I was a Level 2 seller (now without any level) working as Mechanical Design Engineer.
I am specialist in Mechanical design, Machine design, product design etc.

I think the process of placing any new order should be little bit changed.
Let me describe this issue.

I already told that, I am Mechanical Design Engineer. So, I can design any type of Mechanical parts.

Now, if any buyer wants me to design his website, will I be able to do that? You will say no.

If any client wants me do sing a song or to make a comedy video, will I be able to do that? You will say no, you cannot.
Similarly, I do not have experience in each sector of service.

And I did not make any gig describing anything in which I am not expert. But, I found some of the buyer come and without reading my gig details & my expertise, they are placing order. In that case, I must cancel that order.

Here is another problem. If, I cancel any order, then my “Order Completion Rate” comes down. This is making a bad effect on my profile. But, I am not responsible for the cancellation or bad effect on my profile. Are you agree?

From the starting of my Fiverr journey, I did not take any order that I will be unable to complete/deliver. It is to ensure my profile will be best one in this market place.

At the starting, I got one order like this. One of the buyers placed an order without asking me. As I was not expert in that work, I had to cancel that order manually later.

After that problem, I have written “Please ask me before placing any order” in each of my gig to stop this type of unwanted order that I cannot do.

The cancellation of order took me lowest level now only for unwanted order. You know I am without any level now.

So, my idea is there should be an option for the seller where seller need to confirm that he is taking this order. I mean whenever any buyer will place any order, seller need to confirm that he is taking this order. If the seller see that he is not able to do the work buyer want, then he will reject the order at the starting point what will not cause downward of “Order Completion Rate”.

In this way both buyer and seller will save their time.

I see this process is different in each of other freelancing sites. I am top rated freelancer in others freelancing website. I like their process of placing new order or starting any new contract.

In those sites, both seller and buyers need to be agreed to start any order/work/project.

Now describing my worst case of coming down from “Level-2 seller” to “No Level”.
Some clients placed some order (About 15 orders) in which I am not expert. So, I need to cancel those order. As a result, my “Order Completion Rate” came down as 88%.

Suppose at this position, I am about to be Top Rated. Let us think, I have maintained all standard to be Top Rated in next evaluation. But, 10-15 buyer comes and place some order what I cannot do. Then what will happen? I need to cancel those all order. As a result, my “Order Completion Rate” will be below 90% what will stop me to be Top rated. Even it will take me lower level in next evaluation. This is a big problem and that happened with me. I am very disappointed in this process of placing new order by buyers.

So, I think Fiverr should take an action and make a best process for both seller and buyer in placing new order.

Here, I think buyer and seller must be agree in any new order.

What is your thinking???

With best regards

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