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How does Fiverr Work (in 2018)?



Hello all,
i am using fiverr and i want to learn more about it that how it works in other ways, i am not sure how exactly it works from end to end. i do not see what other peoples offer to a buyers
request. i did not see buyers previous experience in fiverr, what the seller have to say about that buyer. i did not get these options that i used to get on other sites where i worked
earlier. i already did a job and got money after 20% deduction in my account(its still in some holding periods and i can not withdraw that yet). now i am full time on fiverr and using their
Android app as well.

can you people help me with this, please? a flow chart or step by step process would help me and other new comers of 2018 all the same.
Thanks a lot.

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