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Generated "purchase anywhere" custom offer from promote yourself on mobile phone

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I am finding the useability of the promote yourself page which can generate custom offer pages is next to useless on a mobile phone.

One of the first rules of sales or useablity is that the click to purchase should be hassle free (I even say as much on my video ad I just made for Facebook)

Not so on mobile with Fiverr it seems

When opening any page https://www.fiverr.com/purchases/anywhere/
on iOS and I would put a bet on android as well, you are presented with the lovely splash screen of “for optimum experience please open this page on desktop”.

So in useability terms we have just told the user they made a mistake clicking on the link we told them to click on their mobile and then essentially they will think “you cannot purchase this offer on mobile”

I think this is a really bad user experience and for new users who will predominently be the ones using this feature we have driven them away at a very crucial moment in the sale.

I would put a bet that most users are using mobile for Fiverr ads and in my experience are very confused/not trusting by the Fiverr create login and give payment details at this crucial initial first use of the website. People have very short attention spans and having anything which is extra work will scare them off. More needs to be done to make this sign up process as friendly and explained as possible e.g. the homepage is totally confusing on Fiverr when you are sending over referals

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