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It's finally happening. I'm very close to too busy


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After all of the long hours and little pay in hopes of a good review I’m finally so busy I’ve got to raise prices. A lot faster than I planned. It makes it a bit awkward in communicating the price raise with buyers that I’ve already begun relationships with. Bumping $5 every 500 words means a $15 increase for 1500 word articles(this is not the first such increase). Eeek. I’m ok with easing the transition for those I’m already doing business with, but I couldn’t take on any new clients at the old rate. Hopefully this will balance out my order rate. TBH I still put more time and effort into each of those articles than even the increased price accounts for.

I know at least some of my regulars are on my side and along for the ride, so that’s good.

Thanks to everyone in this forum for sharing wisdom with me. I feel very grateful to all of you, and the amazing buyers that I’ve gotten a chance to connect with. It takes a special kind of customer to require the kind of content that I create, and I’m grateful that some of them have found their way to me.

My passion is research. I don’t have a quirky style, I don’t know how to write words from within. What I’m really good at is gathering complex information and organizing it into a clear, simple, ordered document. Finding all of the required information can be quite time consuming and laborious, but the hard part is the writing and searching out certain details that won’t submit to a cursory google search. Oh yeah and “@$#% I’m ‘done’ and I’ve only got 800 out of 1500 words? where do I come up with 700 more words?”

20 🌟
I’ve now got 6 active orders which is my new record for most active orders at once.

At the rate things are going I’m going to need to go “out of office” soon

Ok, ok… I guess that’s all… I just needed somewhere to vent. All of this good fortune has got me going as hard as I possibly can just to keep up.

(knocking on some wooden object so I don’t jinx myself)

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