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Things to be happy about in these depressing times


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  1. I can pay property taxes online in India these days. Took me 5 minutes to pay taxes for all properties. In the past, I had to be physically present at various government offices and take 2 days off work.

  2. Netflix and Amazon Prime and Amazon Fire Stick are now available in India. Also, they cost very little. Amazon Prime just $8.3 per year. Amazon Unlimited is also available - just $2/year, or is it per month.

  3. Bought a coffee maker, make my own coffee, it’s better than what they make at Cafe Coffee Day and Starbucks. Starbucks coffee is overrated.

  4. Am in the best shape of my life after I switched to a protein-based diet - Whey protein shakes, eggs and chicken.

  5. I can now order food online from any of the 100s of great restaurants in Bangalore because of apps such as Swiggy and Zomato. Food gets delivered in 30 minutes, with only an extra 30-40 cents for the delivery.

  6. My stock market portfolio went up by 45% in 2017, but down by 2-3% in 2018. Still happy.

  7. I can automate the payment of utility bills - power, digital TV, water, mobile, landline, internet etc. with an e-wallet solution called Paytm. Awesome! No need to remember what I have paid and what I haven’t.

  1. PM Modi is still Prime Minister of India (Phew, thank God for that.) His buddies are still Prime Ministers of Israel, Japan and a good friend is still President of U.S. Awesome! And let me add, for the benefit of one of our mods, his sister is the Prime Minister of Bangladesh!

Life’s good, when you think of it. Take every day as it comes.

[Edit: Anyway, the only reason I call it depressing and it is depressing is because we lost the election in my home state of Karnataka despite coming so close to victory. Otherwise, when I think about it, take that out, and life is perfect.]

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