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No Reviews in last two days


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I got very serious about Fiverr about 2 years ago. I had no problem getting reviews. I came away from Fiverr and only now coming back to this platform to try to make a few sales and get things going. I just completed two sales in 24 hours of each other and as I try to build momentum again, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to nail reviews! I adid an order with express delivery and on the app you can clearly see the last time the buyer was active but they didn’t leave a review! 😥

I just completed another order today and it’s the same thing (although the second buyer is in a timezone with about an eight hour difference so I’ll give him a pass)

Usually, upon delivery, I just use a template that says something along the lines of “if you’re satisfied with XYZ please let us know in the form of a review…” and it’s worked, well, up until now.

Thoughts anyone?

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