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NEW On Fiverr World! Thank you all. UX & Blind Accessibility EXP

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Hello there! I am new at this awesome platform, I am from Argentina, a 24-year-old Multimedia Designer with a lot of experience in Digital Marketing & Web Development area.

I am looking for part-time and remote job, testing user experience and user interfaces for apps or websites. I have a vast experience in the accessibility area for visual impaired people. I worked with blind people for more than 2 years and I am continuing working with them. I am the CEO of an app named: Brailling, a new way to write for this society with their mobiles replacing the traditional QWERTY with our system.

I am just writing you to know more about me, you can take a brief look to my social media accounts:

[Mod Note: Links to social media accounts removed - please read forum and Fiverr rules]

Thank you very much for well receiving me!

Juan M. Jacinto 😃


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