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Be careful of what you offer on fiverr,make sure it is still fair for you as seller


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I never complain or whatsoever 3 years ago while fiverr is still fresh and new but there are times that we need to be careful of what we are offering especially your buyer is a BIG TIME COMPANY.

I never realize that sometimes offering too professional stuff on fiverr will turned out unfair in some cases,way back 2010, one known buyer of course ordered my gig to make some soundtracks, before I do offer 1 min looping track for five bucks and that is manually made.Later then,when this guy realize I have the talent on doing soundeffects, real sound effects,he told me he will use the track on an game app, so I was like wow amazing and so on,I made three tracks for him and he promise me to credit my name on that app and yes he did, we did some written verbal conversation that I will receive commission in every download of the game and so I did expect but it turned out that like the deal is off because doing a personal contact in the co-founder of the company is hard.March 2011, the game was released and yep, my name is on it.The game made it on the top 50 on itunes that year and I am so impressed.I did not regret it and I realized it was amazing to see my name in that game as music producer and I was like so amazed.The game is called Lamebo vs. zombies and after a year they took off my name in the credits but was still able to recover that the endless lamebocave version of the game,I do still have the credits.If you remember Chris Hardy, also a seller here for voice over, he did the voice over of the trailer of the game.What I would like to express here is that, sometimes, it is unfair for the sellers for like this kind of opportunity and I do know that is also the reason why EXTRA GIG did exist because of this cases and hopefully, our rights as a seller here will always be protected.Your requirements page is very important since that is where all the deals go so always bare that in mind.For me,that project was great and enjoyed making it but for those people who are looking for big money and indeed professionals, think twice before making a gig and make sure it is just worth 5 bucks and not exceeding on that amount so you wont feel bad in the end of the day 🙂

Have a good evening everyone.

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