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My gig is not listed


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Hello everyone,

I need your reviews on these situation.

One of my gig’s delivery time is “1 day”. When I search in the fiverr, my gig is listed on the top. But when I use the filter and choose the delivery time, my gig is not listed. My gig is only appeared when I choose delivery time as “any” .

Do you have any idea about that and does anyone have a suggestion?


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I’ve made a search and you are indeed in first page.
Then I filtered on Level 2 sellers and you’re again on first page
and I filtered on 24h delivery you don’t appear
up to 3 days: the same
up to 7: the same

so for the filter your gig is considered to be delivered over 7 days… quite weird since it’s a “1 Day Delivery” gig

but something is weird…
I can see you have a “express delivery 24h” enabled. why?

do you have modified your gig recently? if yes it could take a few hours (sometime a complete day) for the changes to be enabled on the searches

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When I realize that problem this morning, I decided to edit my gig and added a gig feature, “express delivery 24h”. I thought I would be listed in this way. Because fiverr thinks that my delivery term is more than 7 days. It is really weird.

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