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  1. 5 years on Fiverr The Highs are probably the first order on the platform and the people I met during this years The lows… being over the requirements for “top rated seller” since January 2018. It was very hard to not get it all these years the lows: the buyers who place an order and cancel it because “they clicked by mistake” the very low: the implementation of the new rating system where you have to give a note to a buyer, before seeing what he said about you.
  2. The best tip ever on fiverr: Stay calm. Stay always calm. I any customer try to fooling you, or have some bad comments, don’t answer immediatly. Take the time to calm down a stay polite I’m on Fiverr since 5 years now and this is the most important advice that comes to my mind in first position
  3. Thanks a lot 🙂 Now I have to continue to deserve it ^^
  4. Out of nowhere the message arrived this morning I’m so happy after so much years on the platform, so much work, so much everything I can’t find the words so (I will do it in French) MERCI ! 😄
  5. Exactly More of that, when someone reads the reviews and see something like that: They will think that the seller leaves comment WITHOUT even taking the time to read the buyer rating…
  6. I don’t know… Even now I think that some customers are thinking that Level 1 is better than Level 2
  7. Just forget him. You gave him more than one chance he delivered almost 1 week late and he delivered… a blank work and something that does not correspond to his portfolio If you give him a chance, be prepared to lose your money
  8. from 1,25 to 33kb, there’s a large gap but not impossible how many frames do your gif have? what’s the resolution? (size and dpi)
  9. It’s probably not related to your problem but it’s something to take in consideration. I always receive less orders on the last week of each month. But it allways start again once the next one is starting
  10. When I do a search I can see your gigs except for your " I Will Create An Email Collecting Landing Page " If you just created it, you have to know that it can take up to 3 days to appear on pages and searches
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