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Some questions regarding delivery time


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Hello everybody!
Hope you enjoy selling and buying on fiverr!

I have a some questions regarding delivery time. These are;

  1. If I deliver my work on time but I am late in delivering modified work, will this effect my state? And if I get a modification request for any delivered work just one or two hour before of order completion (3 days) what time frame will I get to deliver work without late?

  2. I have some of gigs with 2 days delivery. I deliver work within 46 or 47 hours. I get modification request before one or two hours before of order completion automatically, countdown gives me 24 more hours to deliver modified work but in some other gigs, I get less time. How this timeframe is determined by fiverr?

  3. If I am late in delivering work and I have asked for more time from my buyer. He accepted and extended delivery time and countdown starts again shows extended time but still there is red text stuck,says “THIS ORDER IS LATE”. Will this order effect my delivery time percentage?

Your valuable answer will be highly appreciated!

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