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Category Dilemma


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I have three gigs: article writing, book writing, and editing. All of these fall under the same parent category: Writing & Translation.

A few months back, Customer Support confirmed that having multiple gigs in one parent category basically means you’re competing with yourself because they won’t all show at once. So, when I published my book writing gig a couple weeks ago, I put it under Digital Marketing > Content Creation, but obviously it doesn’t have that broad of a reach there.

Since we can no longer change the parent category of a gig after it has been published, I have created a duplicate book writing gig under the Writing & Translation category.

Now I have to decide which one to keep: the one under Digital Marketing that will never reach as many people but won’t compete against my other gigs, or the one under Writing & Translation that should have a broader reach but may not show all the time.

Opinions? 🙂

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