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First Sale, and another, and Another in a row :D.... that's how we did it

Guest grizzlystudio

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Guest grizzlystudio

A few days ago I published a new Gig for professional illustrations and infographic designs, we are currently here just over 2 weeks, and use my 10 tickets every day (+140 sales offers) xD … My brother and I were about to throw the towel, because even with its 10k followers on YouTube, and advertising on networks we still did not get anything, but everything changed suddenly when we started using other sales websites and instead of making ambitious and elaborate explanations, we only redirected to all people to our Gigs of fiverr …

as a result, yesterday we got 3 different sales for 3 different gigs, which is great since in less than 24 hours we managed to deliver: 1 songcover, 2 logos, 2 banners and a professional illustration on demand.

We are happy to work each one in parallel, and that the buyers treat us so well makes it extra special, we hope to continue this way, and as a recommendation we tell everyone:

"use other newer web sales portals, that are local if possible , and redirect traffic to their Gigs, because although fiverr has a higher commission, it moves more clients and that helps us a lot in terms of successful advertising "…

On behalf of the Grizzly Studio team, we wish you all a happy day.

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