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How do I get work?


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Suggest you lower your prices until you move up the levels. Also using simple, beautiful, and most beautiful as the difference between your packages really means nothing to a buyer as to what you are offering. Suggest you have a look at the competition in your category to get some idea as to how to complete this and what price to charge but do not copy anyone.

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I don’t understand your gig description. “I’ll love you forever” is not conventional business jargon.

Make sure your profile, tagline and gigs are error-free. More than 60% of Fiverr buyers are from US/UK/Canada/Australia/NZ, where the proper use of the Queen’s English is a prerequisite for trust in commerce.

I would proof the gig description for you, but I am confused by your offerings (another problem with your gigs) so I couldn’t do it justice. But there are a lot of problems there.

At least let’s fix the slogan: “I can create any kinds of website!!” would be properly rendered “I can create any kind of website!” But it might work better spiced up to say, “100% Satisfaction Guarantee.” Or something.

Your profile could read “I am new to Fiverr, but not to Wordpress websites. I have already built more than 100 Wordpress sites. If you will let me, I will build you a website you will be proud of, I promise you. More importantly, it will be designed to rank well in the Google search results, and to turn your site visitors into actual customers. I look forward to working with you. -Rumi :)”

Your profile image is good. It’s not a stock image. Some very successful sellers overlay their own picture (with a white outline) onto other images to make their gig image. Also, jazz it up with a badge of some kind:


You can’t use this, because it’s terrible, and because I don’t know about rights to the images, but you get the idea. Show yourself on the gig image, because that is what people see before they click into see your profile, or anything else.

Best of success to you. 🙂

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