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New poster, recent seller, long time buyer


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Hello all

I’ve just checked out the forum having spent some time building up my portfolio of work here on the Fiverr platform.

I predominately offer marketing and copywriting services. I’ve had plenty of great work so far, but one or two problems which I’ll put down to experience.

My advice is to never take work just for the sake of it and avoid buyers who don’t know what they want. I’ve had this a few times where I provide all the relevant info about what I provide, my skills etc and then only to find this “isn’t what I had in mind”.

Some want the cheapest rate going. My view is my rates are my rates and I’d rather not work than undervaluing my gig for less than it’s worth.

Fiverr is a good platform and there are some great projects out there which makes this experience all the more enriching.

If anyone needs a hand with marketing happy to help - please just drop me a line and I’ll outline some thoughts for you.

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