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An issue for sellers during their order (If any)

Guest flamehase

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Guest flamehase

Hi there i would like to know more about it. As i never faced it (Hope will never). Well as for my thinking, we send a offer to the buyer, the buyer accepts it after the discussion, the seller takes his or her time makes the product shows the preview of it, the buyer likes it, does a modification and kindly asks to make a certain change, we do that, now in negative sense we say that the buyer says he wants to cancel it because he is not happy with it, when he just said before he likes it.

Now when he wants to cancel it, if he does it first he can post a review, a mark will be seen, if we do it first he can’t.
The buyer has the file with good results and he wants to cancel the order so as we can take it as he wants it for free and we don’t want to leave it without pay. He will have the file, free off cost, we worked and won’t get paid because of the cancel.

Can we not do something about this area where the file will be seen as given by the seller but won’t be able to download it no matter what unless marked complete. The buyer will be able to view the file with any file format it consists of.

(I am not saying all are doing this but some are, another issue with the PayPal, there should be more protection for the sellers here.)

(Prevention is better than cure)

A way to be safe for us sellers.
Kindly give your opinions.

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