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Buyer Request Follow-Up


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When I submit my gig to a buyer’s request, it “usually” generates a message in my inbox. I can see the buyer and communicate with them.

However, the message DOES NOT show me which request it was linked to. Actually, it used to (very sporadically, say 1 out of 20 requests), but now, nothing. Especially since (new) buyers sometimes incorrectly select the categories, it is hard to keep straight what their original request was. It used to say “This message is related to…” and now it says nothing at all. If the buyer replies “So, can you do it?”, I am left grasping at straws to remember the order in which I submitted gigs to requests (Did you notice that some buyers requests are added in between previous ones and not to the top of the page, kinda sneaky), trying hard to “match” them up in my head. It is in poor taste to have to ask the buyer to reiterate their request, especially when I solicited them.

Don’t get me started on the “Hey…”. I never address my customers that way and hate that is appears to be personalized by me.

So please, link submissions to the request they are related to. Always. Thank you.

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