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600 Sales and counting :)


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Hey !

That’s it, I completed 600 sales today and 100% positive ratings 😃

I started Fiverr back in 2013, while I was still a student in computer sciences. The same year, I stopped being a student to become a freelance web developer.

Four years later, I’m still an happy professional web and app developer and… Still working on Fiverr! Ok, I have to admit that I did a BIG pause here (was out of Fiverr during 2 years until I came back in 2017). But I LOVE pushing the “Deliver Now” button and getting these amazing feedbacks 😉

The orders I get are often not easy tasks (they often take a few days before being completed) and even if I have a 100% positive profile, I still got (very few) bad experiences (the most horrible experiences are when a user ask to cancel while I have just finished the task and over-delivered it because he simply changed his mind).

But overall, it’s an awesome experience and I just wanted to share it with you 🙂

Now, I’m back to work and on my road to - hopefully - 1000 sales. Stay focused!

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