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So its blatantly obvious that everybody on Fiverr (perhaps with the exception of people actually breaking the rules) have a strong disliking for the fact people are using the buyer request page as a seller offer page and they’re posting their sob stories and things like that to try and suck people into giving them…offers?

I’m not certain that these people are actually getting paying customers but if there’s an issue–and there clearly is–why not resolve it? No, I’m not about to resuggest a report button or what have you. I’m suggesting another page similar to Buyer Request but for the sellers to post their advertisements.

“Laura, there’s already a board on the forums for people to advertise. If they want to sell things they should do it the right way. End of story.” You are correct! There is a board! I appreciate and support that board but maybe it’d be in Fiverr’s best interest to…look at the opportunites this page could offer. Of course they’d also have to give a certain amount of tickets as to how many ads one could pump out on this page but I don’t think its an absurd idea. Besides, I don’t believe everybody uses the forums and not everybody is going to see the ads people put up on this lovely side of Fiverr. Maybe they could even have a “remove seller” button so buyers can sort through the ads that they don’t care about or they dont need. Perhaps there could even be a like button so they could like an advertisement and or a profile so they could return to the seller’s offer and or page easily.

I’m not saying Fiverr should stick with the new page if it doesn’t work. If something doesn’t work then you ought to get rid of it, right? Make the website run more efficiently? This page is just a thought and a shot in the dark. I expect and almost eagerly await all of the individuals who oppose this idea but I only do so in the hopes that they have a better one or can improve on this concept.

Thanks for reading,

Laura (Lecef)

P.S. I thought a letter format would make things more interesting 😉

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