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I am little bit worry of far from my home and family,I am far from my home 1400 km


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I travel extensively and am ALWAYS more than 1400 km away. I’m from western Canada but currently in albania, (Canada’s big, you could be 1400km away and still be in the same country, LOL!) 😛 Facebook or other social media is a great tool for keeping in contact. If you can’t use FB in your country you can try Instagram, Whatsapp and other such tools to keep in contact, especially for free. s***e too. s***e has the cheapest phone rates most of the time and the people you phone don’t have to have a s***e account either, but if they do you can videochat! 🙂
I usually s***e my family for big holidays back in Canada. When I’m in the UK we’re 7 hours ahead of my hometown Edmonton in Canada, so I can actually s***e them for their gift openings on Christmas morning 🙂

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