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  1. I had a super rude buyer no long ago who gave me zero information about what he expected me to do and (As it turned out), surprise surprise, he wanted something done that I DIDN’T OFFER IN MY GIG. So I did the work as per my gig, delivered and he came back basically berating me. This guy was of a nationality that is known for being rude and blunt and when i was trying to be friendly and say my dad was of the same background and what part of said country did he come from he just shut me down and was like “If your father is from there you should know some of the language” to which he then wrote somethign to the effect of “don’t take me for some stupid fool”. I cancelled the order of my own accord as I wasn’t going to work with him at all and basically said you wanted something i dont offer in my gig- where do i say what you want?? Anyways, it was for writing an online dating profile for people - I dearly wanted to tell him that if he speaks to everyone the way he speaks to me, it’s no surprise he’s 40, single and paying people to jazz up his online dating profiles. :rofl:
  2. It doesn’t matter if people don’t have much time for googling things. Selling copyrighted intellectual property is selling copyrighted intellectual property which is against the law internationally and can get you in serious trouble. I personally would be livid if someone tried selling stuff I’d written (Especially ebooks!) and tried to pass it off as something they did on their own merit. If you want to continue selling ebooks I highly recommend writing them yourself or paying a ghostwriter to do so.
  3. That level of work for $5?? Run hard and fast in the other direction!
  4. I had absolutely fantastic months in January and February but in March the sales dipped and now I think I’ve had maybe 3 sales in the last month… yikes.
  5. Someone? Forum is full of topics where people complain about it (and, apparently, don’t search before creating a topic of their own). 🙂 haha I only say I’m glad someone mentioned this as I rarely come to the forums anymore and I thought it was just me. I haven’t looked back to see if there was a post about it before and I didn’t bother posting one as I figured I’d just get told to contact CS 😛 but thanks for mentioning they’re working on it - I hadn’t gotten a message back from support yet so I was wondering what was going on! 🙂
  6. Oh I’m glad someone mentioned this. It happened to me too and I was so confused as my last two orders were rated five stars so I was completely in the dark and raised it as a ticket to Customer Support. Glad to hear it looks like a common bug. Thanks forum! 🙂
  7. The seller may have forgotten to attach the product. Try messaging them first to remind them that you haven’t received the finished product. I’m a seller and I’ve totally forgotten to attach it before and then marked it complete. It happens. If they just are trying to scam you though and you try to remind them a couple times and still nothing try contacting fiverr customer support. 🙂 Hope this helps.
  8. I feel the same way. As a professional writer who has written for fun literally since childhood I get really annoyed when people are like “Oh you write? I can do that.” Yeah? Present it. Then I give them a chance and I’m like “no, no, no, no. I’m going to have to fix this now. Nobody writes like this.” I’m not a snot either who thinks that they have to write a certain way or anything but you can tell when someone is good and when someone really isn’t (or is trying too hard and it comes off really phoney!)
  9. I also have gotten the message being all “Hey - I love your gigs, we should be partners.” Or “Hey. U nid help me? U send me wurk n I do 4 u.”…bearing in mind I’m a native English content writer I was like ummmm… i’ll pass thanks.
  10. Never had anything too out of the ordinary but I once had a couple different buyers hit on me. Like, dude. It’s Fiverr. Not Plenty Of Fish.
  11. I use vacation mode at least once a month when I have tons of work on (or whenever I actually need a break) and it sometimes takes a week or so but I get people coming back and requesting work. Heck, I sometimes (like now) get queries from clients asking about work before I’m back so we just organise and set it up so that when I’m back I start their project! 🙂
  12. I use the vacation feature once a month just to take some time off as fiverr isn’t my only source of work either and it sometimes takes a day or two to get another order after i “come back” from vacation, so don’t worry about it too much. Try Buyers request or promoting on social media. I find that it takes 3-4 days, sometimes a bit more to get orders after “vacation”
  13. I was just about to mention the “I need mek sells.”
  14. Oh jeez. My two are the original IT and Arachophobia!
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