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Almost end after 2 successful years


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I’m a freelancer graphics & web designer & working since 8 years. Started my journey on fragglesrock.com (now fragglesrock.com) & gradually got success on other freelancer site & crowd-sourcing site like 99Designs. Aprox. 2 years ago I started selling on Fiverr & got success immediately & reached level 2 very fast. Got regular orders here & aporx 40 orders since I started here with an average selling price of $15. So, started giving more concentration on Fiverr over other platforms as I was getting steady orders. Till date over 750+ sales with 100% positive rating & Fiverr became my main source of income.

But, since December 15th the story changed completely. Got just 8 orders in last 30 days & 2 orders in last 18 days. I thought may be due to the festive session, but yet it’s same. Told the same to Fiverr support, changed GIG keywords, description but no success. Today, I search the keyword & got that my GIG is behind GIGs with 1/2 rating, even behind sellers with no level. After that, I browsed through the category where my GIG is listed, & really shocked that after going through 1000s of GIGs unable to find mine.

However, may be some due to changes on Fiverr, or their search/ listing policies - whatevr, after 2 successful years, now I have to concentrate on other platforms, rather than Fiverr. Really sad & miss you Fiverr.

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Hi bigvee,

Sorry to hear your sales are down. Hopefully you can hang in there until things get better for you. Maybe it’s as simple as making a few tweaks. 🙂

I’m obviously new here but maybe I can offer some advice. My best selling service is a transcription gig (www.fiverr.com/s/7b4460) and I notice when I extend my lead time to 4 or more days the orders stop for me. Sometimes what I do to kick-start my orders is to offer 24 hour delivery for free or move the delivery time back to 2 days. I couldn’t be sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if lead time may have an impact on where you show up in the fiverr searches.

I noticed on your most popular gig that you have the lead time set to 4 days but in the description you’re offering 2 day delivery. Try moving the gig lead time back to 2 days. Or if you really want to try kick-staring your orders, offer 24 hour delivery at no extra charge if you can.

You also might want to look at keywords people search for to find your services and look at if maybe you need better optimize their use in your title and description.

Just my thoughts.

I hope to achieve the level of success you have had.




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