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As a seller I do my best to make sure I give high quality gigs. Mine are both voice over. I look at what other top voice people require on their gigs and sort of modify mine to fit what I feel works best.

Lots of my buyers send scripts way over the limit of my allotted word count and my reply is always professional. "Thank you for ordering this gig. I look forward to getting to work for you. This gig is 75 words for $5. According to WordCounter.net your script is 98 words. Please add the appropriate gig extras for more words or if you’d like you can edit your script to fit the 75 word gig you have already ordered. Let me know and I can get started."

The response always seems as if I am being nit picky or rude. “I’ve ordered the gig extras under protest” , “I paid for the gig. Get to work.” I mean all I am doing is asking them to pay for what my videos and description says the gig is. Nothing crazy. Just exactly what I say I will do.

I’ve got a thick skin and don’t worry to much about people being rude, but I feel that Fiverr has no way once a gig has been ordered for me to protect myself. The chance that a buyer like this will write a bad review is pretty high.

Giving me an overall lower rating which can effect future sales.

I wish Fiverr was more like eBay. If a buyer is rude, difficult or bickers over gig guidelines I want the same power they have when they are able to review ME. What I mean is if I give the buyer a thumbs down after they’ve written something nasty my review has NO effect on their next buy.

If I saw a buyer with a low score and bad reviews I would like to know and have the ability to decide whether I would like to work with them or not.

I’d rather make no money on Fiverr than deal with rude people all day. Fiverr is fun for the most part and I feel my gigs are good professional qaulity. The bad reviews I get bum me out only because I have worked hard to be professional and do good business. When people act less than it makes me wish Fiverr would give me an advantage of some kind.

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I don’t really see what the big deal is. You record the extra 20 words… and then you have a new customer who will keep coming back and giving you good reviews. So what you had to record an extra 20 words. It’ll make up for the client before you that overpaid.

If you keep getting responses, over and over saying that you’re being nit picky and rude… well… perhaps you should pay attention to the feed back. Believe me. It’s WORTH it to be kind, gracious and OVERDELIVER.

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