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Not impressed, fiverr took money, lost my order


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fiverr came to my attention through their social media campaign. I checked it out, decided to buy some simple animation with our logo. I did not create an account and purchased the service as a guest. fiverr process credit card transactions through PayPal. I recieved payment receipt from PayPal, but nothing from fiverr. Later in the day I contacted the seller, who never received anything. My order did not process, although my payment did. I ended up creating an account in order to communicate with fiverr, which appears to be pointless. Response is only through email, and due to their turn around time that means one response a day. They keep asking for transaction number, which I don’t have because the the order didn’t process. I have sent my receipt from PayPal to support twice, however I have found having a payment receipt is worthless because fiverr support is only interested in an order transaction number. And because fiverr processes credit care payment through PayPal, and not directly, it is next to impossible to dispute the transaction with my credit card company because the transaction is recorded as payment to PayPal, not fiverr. I can only assume this is the reason fiverr handles credit card transactions through PayPal, it creates a situation where the buyer has little recourse. The best part is every time I respond to support, it goes to their generic email address, it is impossible to respond directly to the individual, and that email to their general support email account triggers the creation of a issue with a new ticket number.

fiverr appears to be an interesting idea poorly executed. The platform is buggy, except for taking your payment, as they have that working fine. Customer support is worthless, as they are unwilling/unable to confirm my payment with the date/time/amount and email address on my PayPal receipt. And the way they have their support set up, trying to interact with support is an endless loop of ticket numbers.

I tried fiverr as an experiment to see if I could save some money. That is why I did a transaction as a guest. I did not want to create an account unless I found that it was something worth using long term. It is not. I will write off my payment as a lesson learned. I’m sure there are some talented people here, but doing any business as fiverr acting as broker is not something I will ever do again.

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