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Buyers looking at seller's other gigs?


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Buyers (and sellers who buy often) -

How often do you look at a seller’s other gigs? If the seller had gigs on their profile that you found objectionable, would it keep you from buying their other gigs?

I ask because I recently added two gigs that are a bit more “adult” in nature (it’s just doing sexy voiceovers and writing erotic fiction for fun). I don’t want to turn off potential buyers by having those gigs there, but I think they both have potential to do well.


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It would take an unusually prudish person to decide to not buy your gigs due to that.

Most people on the internet are used to seeing things that are adult in nature, at least sometime.

cheers for the response - I live in a pretty conservative area where the mere mention of sex causes pearl-clutching, and I wanted to be on the safe side.

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