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Feedback - "Buy It Again..."


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Frequently a customer wants one job done and won’t be returning regardless of how good the job was, yet feedback asks for a 5 star rating for whether you would ‘buy it again’ or ‘recommend’.

I can see Fiverr’s thinking - “well if they wouldn’t buy it again, they can still rate on whether to recommend” but not all will see it as that.

For a start, whether or not you’d buy it again is more often than not, a black and white / yes or no answer - not an answer you would instinctively ‘grade’. And if the answer is ‘no I wouldn’t buy it again’ because the client simply won’t ever need that service again, he or she is potentially torn between “well I won’t but it again, but I would recommend” and could potentially go for a median star rating…

Can I suggest taking the ‘buy it again’ away and leave it simply as ‘recommend’ to remove this grey issue.

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