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I am new to fiverr and need help.

A buyer ordered my gig and everything was going fine for 8 days - I was helping them via the order messages page and yesterday out of the blue the buyer said they wanted to cancel the order no reason given I guess they got what they wanted. I was worried about getting a bat review so decided to send them the cancellation request but I just noticed they have 48 hours to respond to it and the gig ends in 26 hours and I am worried I am going to lose out twice by losing the money for the work I have done and I am going to get a bad review.

Is there anything I can do to make sure this does not happen?


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If the buyer cancels, you don’t get a bad review because he can’t review an order he didn’t receive. Secondly, always try to know why your buyer is canceling, it helps you avoid such from happening again.

Thank for the reply introvideos12!

My worry is that I have sent the buyer the cancellation request and since the buyer has 48 hours to respond and the gig ends in 26 hours and the clock is till ticking so what happens after 26 hours? Can the buyer say the gig was late and cancel due to order not being completed?

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