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So where ya from?

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Guest tn5rr2012

We have been talking about a convention and I think it would be great to share where fiverr sellers rre from (state, city, province/country, and tell us a little about where you live so I will start

Nashville, Tennessee USA

I actually live outside of Nashville in a small town called Springfield, I work in downtown Nashville along the Cumberland River. Nashville is called Music City USA and is home to country music. Here in TN we are pretty laid back and kind. The new TV show Nashville does not represent Nashville or portray us accurattely by any means. We love our culture, our accent and our way of living here in TN. We have some great Universities here in Nashville uncluding Vanderbilt. Our largest employers are Gaylord and Nissan. My daughter went to high school with Taylor Swift which is her claim to fame. We are very eccectic here in Nashville and you can hear all types of music but we also have a great art museum call the Frist. IF you come to visit and have your car, you make want to take a trip to GRaceland in Memphis or the Jack Daniels Distillary in Lynchburg. Ya’ll come see us now, ya here

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