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Does increasing the price attract customers?


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I’ve Found with the Work I do that yes, Increasing the price gets a few more people messaging you and ordering as you get a different set of people who know exactly what they want doing, and want it done to a higher standard then what $5 of work may offer

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Increasing your price can have positive effects. Whenever I order something on Fiverr, I always disregard the 5USD sellers if I’m interested in quality, meaning I will look to the 10, 20, and 30s - or higher if it’s a lot of work.

Perceived value is real, and when people see you charging more, they will, if they are the right type of buyer, see more value in your gig.

By increasing your prices you can, if you’re doing it right, give the impression that your gig will provide a more professional service. Naturally, this has to be communicated through your Gig description, and most important - your work. If your work is high-quality and premium, buyers will be happy to pay more.

Business clients don’t always look for the cheapest option, but rather a service they can rely on, that will provide them with the quality they are looking for.

Your value as a freelancer is reflected in your price and work.

Make your work premium quality, and you can increase your price, attracting a new group of buyers.

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