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My gig is showing up in first pages and at great sopts but not getting any impressions or orders



Hi there! So I've been working on fiverr from 6 years i do occasionally  experience "dips" in my profile but this time i just have a weird feeling. My gig wasn't performing well so i made edits, did proper SEO. Now my gig is showing at great spots in results but my impressions are stuck on same numbers. I’m hardly getting any organic traffic. I'm not getting any orders or messages from new buyers. Not getting any briefs from last 2 months, 

I did contact support to ask if my account was flagged or if the overall market is low these days. She assured me none of these 2 things were any problem. So what's happening. Is Fiverr algo blocking me from getting any work or getting organic traffic?

All the sellers around my gig are getting tons of work while my gig is just sitting there. I'm kind of getting a bit hopeless by all this. 😐 

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