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Buyer Request page frustrations

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Before anything else, I must say that the Fiverr v2 Buyer Requests page is a definite improvement over the original. There are many more opportunities for buyers to get what they want and for sellers to make a little extra cash than before. But I can’t tell you how many times a buyer has placed their request in the wrong category and I can’t send them an offer because my gig doesn’t match, even if both the request and the gig share several keywords.

So I have a little proposal: Would it be possible for sellers to select any gig they want when sending out offers? I realize this can lead to spam, but what if this option was only limited to sellers of a certain level? It’s pretty safe to assume that higher level sellers are more trustworthy, and the fact that we can only send out a maximum of 5 offers a day would still help discourage spammers. I know for a fact that it would increase my earnings.

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