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Whose Sale will suffer by the newly introduced"PRO Feature"?


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Hello Everyone,
Hope you are curious about the newly introduced “PRO Feature” and trying to find more and more info about it. Well, through this post, I want to discuss who will suffer the most regarding his/her sales by the introduction of PRO feature.
In my personal opinion, Level 1 and Level 2 sellers don’t charge in the range of $200-2000 for a Logo. However, Some of the TRS and Level 2 sellers with highly ranked gigs get such opportunities to charge that much from a few potential clients who exist on Fiverr. So when such a potential client will come to Fiverr now for a Logo, he/she may prefer to get his/her Logo designed by a Pro Seller.

He/She may think, “I’m going to spend around $300 (say) for my Logo so instead of Going to a Level 2 Seller or a TRS, Why I should not use the PRO gigs that are verified by Fiverr?”

So eventually he/she may decide to prefer a Pro Gig instead of a general gig of Level 2 or TRS. As a result of this, the sales of a (level 2/TR)S can suffer considerably.
I may be wrong in my perceptions. Would love to know your thoughts! Please do share what you think about it…
Thank you!
Muhammad Faheem

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