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Negative Feedback Gone After Mutual Cancellation?


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Hello guys. I am an old seller here on Fiverr. However, I have a doubt today. 😃

I read somewhere that with Fiverr V2, when someone gives you a negative feedback, if you mutually cancel the order, the negative feedback will be automatically removed.

I have this buyer who ordered one of my gigs last month, and now gave me a negative feedback (thumbs down with no comments). Will the negative feedback go away if he accepts the mutual cancellation proposal?

I know it wasn’t like that in V1, but I don’t know how that works in V2.

I couldn’t find a proper answer here in the forum.

Could anybody confirm this please?

Thanks in advance.

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Reply to @apicturesworth:

Well, the thing is that I get very few negative votes. In the past the only way to remove a negative feedback was contacting the seller or through Customer Support.

The last time I got a negative feedback there was not option to mutually cancel an order after it was marked as completed. That’s why I am not familiar with this.

The negative feedback is still there, but I already sent the mutual cancellation proposal. I hope you are right. Let’s see how it goes. 😃

Thanks for the info.

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I had 100% positive feedback , once a buyer did not like my work so I offer a refund , it I refunded the gig in which she gave me a negative feedback , gave her money back and the negative review stayed there . Making me very upset because of the negative feedback and because I gave her money back.

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Below are the exact clarifications:

  1. If funds for that particular order have been cleared, you won’t find mutual cancellation on such orders and will have to contact Customer Support to get them removed.

  2. If you are able to cancel order mutually and cancellation is accepted manually my buyer, order will be cancelled and feedback will be removed.

  3. If you offer mutual cancellation and buyer shows no response to it, order will be auto cancelled in 2 days.

    In such case, buyer will get his refund but feedback will stay.


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Nevermind. I managed to get the feedback removed the old way (by the buyer himself). : )

I first cancelled the mutual cancellation proposal that I sent earlier (because if it auto cancels in 2 days, the feedback will stay there anyway). Then the buyer replied to the message I sent him earlier. He removed the feedback, and finally I refunded him with a proper mutual cancellation.

Now I know how that works in V2. Still works best the old way though. 😃

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