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Advice for my gig


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I’m looking for more ways to connect with people that are in need 🙂
I think i have a good gig but i’m new and i don’t know much about what i can do about connecting to my first client!
This is my gig btw!
Please, give feedback! 🙂

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Hi there!
Your Gig looks good 👍 Have you checked the prices of your competitors to see if you’re too expensive/ cheaper? Check other Gigs that offer the same and compare them with yours.
On the other hand is always better to create at the beginning, more than just one Gig: more Gigs=more possibilities to be found.
I will give you a small hint on your Gig: I would change the position of your first two tags, try with “website” as first tag… give it a couple of days and then check if your Gig has improved clicks, views and impressions 👍

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