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My impressions and clicks went down by 50% - 2lvl seller


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Hello guys, I will try to make this post short.

I’ve been working on Fiverr for 6 months now. It was a steady climb from beginning, but last 3-4 weeks were really dry - orders wise. I’ve used to get at least 1-2 orders a day, sometimes 5-6, also a quite a few messages in the inbox asking about my services.
Now, it almost completely stopped. Only orders I get is from my “old” buyers with whom I made successful collaborations before. Analysed my gig analytics and it’s clear that the impressions and clicks dropped down by 50%, which is weird because I maintain 4.9-5.0 reviews rating with my products. Also saw that my gig is nowhere in the “Mix&Master” list when you list by Recommended.

Has anything like this happened to you guys? Is this a normal thing - for a successful gig ?

One reason I could think this might be the cause is the few cancelled gigs that happened - mainly due buyers ordering by mistake, technical difficulties etc. which dropped down my order completion number to 90% in last 60 days.

Is anyone else suddenly experiencing a case like this? Or is it my fault?

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Hi sullexstudio. Did you come to a conclusion on your issue? I recently would get around 5000 impressions a day. I had some orders that requested a lot of revisions and ended up having a bit too many late orders. My impressions are at 0 now. I’m assuming it will recover once I’m manage to close the orders.

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