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Some Important Modifications in Fiverr

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Hello Folks,

I would like to suggest some modifications in Fiverr. Please correct me if I am wrong and comments your views on it as well. Below are my some suggestions:

  1. First thing I have noticed in fiverr that we don’t have option of accepting or declining any gig order. Like what I facing is people order gigs without asking anything and later on I have to cancel those orders which affect my rating and all. However I have mentioned in the gigs that please confirm me before order, Since then people order and they order out of box and we have no choice left. So I guess we should have option of accept or decline order before we can start that.

  2. We all know that there is no quick chat option in Fiverr. I would like this in Fiverr. Better add voice call and Screen Share option as well. But it is only for technical projects. So for technical guys there should be such option.

    These two are major modifications what I am thinking should in Fiverr. I will update more on it…

    Please comment yopur views as well on this.

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