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Buyer's requests = a Desperate/lazy Seller's last gasp of hope!

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I’ve observed a lot of comments in the forum about Buyer’s requests section being of no use for getting orders anymore as it’s filled with seller’s self promotional messages. That is sad to know at it was supposed to be one of the most powerful tools to direct traffic of filtered clients who need exactly the service that your gigs provide. But now it’s filtering lazy sellers who think they are smart.

Do you think Fiverr is soon reaching it’s saturation point where the frequency of new sellers are increasing at a much faster rate than buyers joining this platform?

If yes, then Fiverr should update it’s policies and take strict action against those who misuse that section meant for buyers… and try to drive traffic to their gigs by posing as buyers.

There’s a reason why Fiverr allows you to embed your gig code to various third party sites for promotional purposes.

But some sellers never understand this and just try to push their gigs shamelessly via buyer’s section.
That in fact will do their gigs more harm than good as they are exposing their spam side and laziness rather than being a true gentle professional who is serious about his/her business and who believes in impressing buyers with their talents n hard work rather than creating just a generic sales pitch.

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