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My Fiverr experience: Happy and Sad

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So I’m relatively new on Fiverr and after working for a month I’m kind of happy and sad at the same time.
(Ps:I joined Fiverr late 2016 and didn’t really figure out how it worked so I deleted my account. Interestingly, when i signed up again a month ago (2017)my account was still there…).
Anyway, after working for a month I made 124$ and I am really happy about. It’s a good start for me and I thank my first buyers for their trust in me and good reviews. I therefore encourage new sellers to work hard and not to give up.
Fiverr is great but also crazy at times. Sadly, this week Fiverr removed my Editing &Proofreading gig for no apparent reason. The gig was quite new and got really good impressions and clicks but no orders yet. The message I got implied that I offered to do someone else’s academic/student work, something I don’t do and never offered to do. I still don’t know the reason for Fiverr’s deleting my gig. Anyone knows why? I guess I haven’t really figured out Fiverr’s mindset, but at least I read the ToS and I believe I didn’t violate them.
I recreated the same gig and hope it meets Fiverr’s TOS.
Being a new seller, I appreciate any tips on how to improve my services.

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You only need to work hard and try to impress your buyers with your skills and make them believe in you that you can provide them with excellent qaulity+ on time work. This is the biggest success here if you can achieve it 🙂 Plus don’t try to copy others gig do it yourself and make them unique. Come up with uniqueness. Fiverr is all about your commitments and quality. If you have earned 124$ then this I am sure you can make more than this. Good Luck!

Many thanks

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