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Regarding most SEO gigs!


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Just thought i’d mention it, because I’ve seen numerous SEO gigs offering to provide 100s or 1,000s of backlinks for a single gig.

  1. This will NOT get anyone to page 1
  2. This WILL get your customers blacklisted, which can easily ruin their entire business and livelihood.

    Google is not stupid, they can easily tell when a source is linking back to tons of people and they will track it. They can tell when a site gets 1,000s of backlinks over night. They can tell when all the backlinks are from non-relevant sources. Doing this will not get your customers any positive results what so ever!

    The same applies to non-organic social sharing, YES even if the people subscribed to a network allowing you to share on their behalf. That is once again all very easily tracked and will get people blacklisted.

    Just thought i’d bring this up as a lot of sellers seem to be unaware (i’m assuming unaware and not just not giving a damn). If you want to offer SEO services for 1 gig, either offer strategy and analysis or provide like 5 legitimate backlinks. That will get the client a LOT more value than 5,000 bullshit ones.
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It’s not about doing it manually, that actually matters very little. It’s about doing it organically. Manually adding backlinks or shares from sites or pages that are not content targeted will have just as much negative impact.

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