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'Time-to-honor-our-buyers' with tips to honor your buyers


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Buyers are great people, they are our customers. Although some buyers are stubborn and difficult to work with, there are those who are kind-hearted, cooperative, patient, others are even funny. I know you have interacted with many awesome buyers, so we are going to honor them; a thank you will do for now.

Here are the instructions;

You should post a maximum of 3 buyers; filter them based on the number of orders they have purchased from you. Let’s say you have 30 awesome buyers, post the usernames of your top three buyers. I mean; those who have bought the highest number of gigs.

Also, be kind and share some tips on how you personally appreciate your buyers. In my case, I write and send free articles.

This is just to say thank you; we really appreciate them, don’t we? You also love appreciation, right? Let’s do it.

To buyers; if a certain seller fails to post your name, it does not mean you are bad. It means there are other buyers who have placed more orders than you. The solution is to purchase more and more orders from that seller until you earn the "Top Buyer’ badge 😃

Here are my top three (there are many others, over 30 in number, but I will filter them based on the number of repeat orders.) freedom711, arbar99 and rodoma (though not one of my top buyers, I had to include rodoma since he was my first buyer here on fiverr. I really appreciate you rodoma, you gave me the push that I wanted; a positive feedback in my first order)

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