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Trying to set up on fiverr 😅

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Hi guys,

I’m just someone who has quite a bit of knowledge regarding photo and video editing as well as digital designs and illustrations. I figured I might as well try to make a few bucks doing what I enjoy.
I can handle Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator fairly well.
Here’s a running gig I have set up: https://www.fiverr.com/orwelliandesign/design-simple-yet-stylish-posters?arrived_from_manage_gigs=true&display_share=true

It’s my first so any comments are much appreciated

I also have a video editing and photo editing gig setting up. So any advice guys?
I play the guitar extensively as well, fingerstyle to be precise so I’m thinking about setting up a gig teaching or perhaps arranging songs?

That’s all 😄

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