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Good to Be Back!

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So my fiverr account was hacked in December 2016 and my hard-earned 😓 money was withdrawn by the heartless hacker!

In a bid to get back my account, I reported the issue to fiverr CS and BOOM! my account was blocked (restricted). 😢

For good 3 long months, I was battling to resolve this issue all to no avail. 😞

But finally, I survived and won the battle.

It’s been a very frustrating period but the good news is that I survived and now am back.

It sure feels good to be back 😍

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Glad to know that your account was restored.

Get your account verified with the phone verification if you haven’t done so yet.

Always take care while dealing with suspicious links and attachments.

Good luck to you. ☺️

Yea, I have done that already…thank you

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