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Don't lose your hope


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Hi friends,

I rarely come to this Forum but when I come, I see many post related to hopeless new sellers. But don’t worry I want to share some real truths you should aware of that:

Firstly, no one can get success unless doing considerable hard work, whether in Fiverr or in real life. Many of the sellers just come here on Fiverr and make their gigs in categories even they don’t know its basic knowledge. You should have to explore yourself first.

According to me impressions of Gigs matter a lot. I think Newly created gig in the top of listing is far better than the Gig having 500+ reviews but resides in the end. 90% of buyers didn’t post request, as they do not have enough time to post and then analyze which seller is best. So try to boost up impressions by posting gigs on social media accounts and websites.

According to my great teacher saying " Success starts when your hope end", keep on sending 10 offers daily. I assure you in few days you will get orders.

I have 389 reviews but still sometimes I couldn’t get orders up to 5 days. So instead of focusing to increase reviews just focus honestly on work.

I hope this short post will increase your interest and try to make you fit in Fiverr world.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Good Luck! 🙂


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