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  1. Can you please explain your query in detail? I cant understand what you are asking here.
  2. It means that your gig image or title is not "attractive enough" to catch the buyer's attention. The gig title must be grammatically correct and should make sense to the buyer. Avoid repeating words in the gig title. The gig image should be attractive, eye-catching, and compelling. Check out the Fiverr guidelines about gig images and titles, or take inspiration from other successful gigs in your category/subcategory. Good luck 🙂
  3. A bad private review or a late delivery can remove your gig from being eligible for promotion. Promoted gigs are shown as an ad in the buyer's inbox, so Fiverr ensures that it only serves high-performing gigs. Just like there is a criteria for a gig to be eligible for promotion, there is a criteria for the gig to remain eligible for promotion. So make sure that your client is satisfied at all times, one way of achieving this is to keep them updated at all times, so they know what's happening to their order at the backend. A well-informed client is usually a satisfied client and they will leave a good private review.
  4. That is something only Fiverr knows. No seller can provide you with an accurate answer. In my opinion, based on my experience with this feature, I don't think that it has any effect on your promoted gigs. Your promoted gigs are shown as an ad to your potential buyers, in their inbox. So if you are using a new buyer coupon, it can't affect your gig ad. It is something that comes into play once the buyer clicks on your ad. Are you getting clicks on your promoted gigs? If so, then it is okay. There can be various other factors that can affect your promoted gig performance, like your conversion rate, your conversion time, your on-time delivery rate, and your public and private reviews on the promoted gig orders. So make sure you keep these metrics up, and things will start looking better again. (Note: The above opinion is not an official statement, it is based on my knowledge and experience.) Good luck 🙂
  5. Now coming to the "increasing the impressions" part, the best way to increase your impressions is optimizing your gig title and its tags. Here are some tips that you can try (Note: These are not official statements, these tips are based on my experience and what has worked for me): 1. Do proper research in your gig category, 2. See what others have in their titles and tags, and make use of long-tail keywords in your title. 3. See how many orders they have in queue, to have an idea of what is being sold on Fiverr. 4. Try to find a niche in your category, so that you target your gig to a specific set of buyers. 5. Check your pricing, make sure you offer better value for money than others. 6. Your gig description should explain your experience, services, and offerings, don't stuff it with unnecessary keywords. 7. Don't repeat the same keywords that you have used in your gig title, in your tags. 8. Once you get an order, make sure you deliver it in time and keep good communication with your client, keep them informed all the time, and get a good public and private review. Bets of luck 🙂
  6. External marketing techniques are only useful when your audience is your potential buyers, people who actually need your services. So it is very important to know who you are promoting your gigs to. If someone just opens your gig using the link that you shared on external platforms, it will give you a click, but if that person does not need your services, that click will not result in a message (lead) or an order (sale). In this way, your conversion rate will drop, which will indicate a drop in your gig performance and the Fiverr algorithm doesn't like this. So if you are putting your efforts into social media promotion of your gigs, ensure that you find an online community/group/page that your potential buyers have joined, and promote your gig there. You will get good results. Good luck 🙂
  7. Since the last major update, Fiverr is no longer merely a search engine (like Google) that provides results based on relevance to the search query. Fiverr is now a "Matchmaking Platform" that considers many more things than just the keywords and their relevance. So "Ranking your gig" is no longer relevant on Fiverr. Here are some tips that can help you improve your gig metrics (impressions and clicks). Please note that they are not official statements, but are based on my experience and knowledge: Make sure your gig is complete and you have availed of every feature Fiverr provides while creating your gig. Make sure that you have done proper market research before choosing your gig title and keywords. Gig title and its keywords contribute 70% of your gig appearance in search results, so ensure that you are using long-tail keywords in your title and relevant tags. The other 30% is comprised of your description and your performance (public review, private review, on-time delivery, conversion rate) on previous orders. Once you complete some orders with good performance, Fiverr's algorithm is designed to give you more work, hence you will see improvement in your gig metrics. Good Luck 🙂
  8. Hi there, First of all, there is a lot of potential in every category/subcategory. You need to optimize your profile, and gigs so that they are more in line with the Fiverr algorithm. Use a professional profile photo of yourself, so that clients can build confidence in working with you. Your gigs should be well-researched, to ensure that you have a "niche" where competition is low. Study other successful gigs in your category and see how they are using their gig titles, tags, and descriptions.
  9. dev_moon

    No clients

    First of all, all the sellers on Fiverr are here to earn money, and not to do social work. So, there is no point wasting your time with someone who has asked you to do something for free. Even I am against the concept of providing free samples or a portion of actual work as a sample. So just reply them so that your inbox response rate is not affected, and don't bother their queries. 🙂
  10. That's because the buyer used a fraudulent method of payment. Fiverr has borne the loss on itself without affecting your order completion rate and funds. This is the benefit of staying on the platform while dealing with the clients. There is no need to worry, just keep providing good and honest services to the buyers.
  11. Staying online doesn't mean staring at your dashboard screen. You can just open Fiverr in your browser to stay online and continue with your learning in another tab.
  12. 1. Try to find the "niche" in the category in which you are offering your services so that you get a low competition. 2. The title should utilize long-tail keywords and should be grammatically correct. 3. The tags that you use should be optimized to suit your "niche". 4. Place those tags in your gig description strategically so that the Fiverr algorithm utilizes them. 5. Create a video for your gig, and professional-looking gig images, that convince the buyers to click on the gig.
  13. Hi there, First of all, you should not beg for work at Fiverr. There is a lot of potential in every category/sub category. You need to optimize your profile, and gigs so that they are more inline with the Fiverr algorithm. Use a professional profile photo of yourself, so that clients can build confidence in working with you. Your gigs should be well-researched, to ensure that you have a "niche" where competition is low. Study other successful gigs in your category and see how they are using their gig titles, tags and description. Try to stay online as much as possible. Best of luck 🙂
  14. Gig clicks depend on the Impressions you get, which in turn depend on your gig title, tags, and description. If you are getting good impressions, but not enough clicks, try changing your gig image to a more professional one. Also, change your profile picture to be a real photo of yourself, so that it looks more professional.
  15. As far as becoming a Top-Rated Seller is concerned, have you tried buying the "Seller Plus" and "Seller Plus Premium"? Being a member of the Seller Plus Premium gives you priority in the vetting process for TRS.
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