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  1. Hello Fiverr team, Yesterday, I received a message from a client who wanted a banner and provided his requirements. I informed him that it would be a complex banner, for which I would charge $20 and need two days to complete. However, the client placed a $10 order with a one-day delivery time. To maintain my good rating, I started working on the banner. I designed a custom banner that took significant effort, but the client did not approve it and requested a refund. I tried to resolve the issue by designing a second banner according to all the client's requirements. Despite this, the client was still unhappy and insisted on canceling the order. Cancellations negatively impact my account, and if I do not cancel the order, the client will leave a negative review. Why does this keep happening? As sellers on Fiverr, we often face unfair decisions from clients. What should I do in this situation? Thank you.
  2. I have made multiple attempts to address this issue, but unfortunately, I have not received any satisfactory responses.
  3. I am encountering challenges with maintaining the quality of my work due to the lack of impressions and clicks on my gigs. Furthermore, Fiverr has ceased promoting my gigs, resulting in the removal of my Level 2 badge. Despite contacting customer support, I have received only vague explanations without substantiating evidence.
  4. My Fiverr account has been flagged without apparent cause. Despite reaching out to customer support, I have received only automated responses. I have several inquiries: I want to know the specific reason for the account flagging. I seek clarification on whether this flagging is permanent or temporary. Am I still allowed to promote my gigs? Will my account continue to receive impressions or clicks? Thank you for your assistance.
  5. My account has been flagged, and despite multiple attempts to resolve the issue through customer support, no action has been taken. It seems that Fiverr didn't care about the rights of the seller they just only wanted their 20% commission. This situation has left me deeply concerned as Fiverr was my primary source of income. I am uncertain about the next steps to take.
  6. I'm experiencing a similar situation. Despite reaching out to customer support, no resolution was provided. Fiverr's priority appears to be solely on collecting their 20% commission, rather than addressing seller concerns and ensuring fair treatment.
  7. I contact with customer support several times and they do nothing
  8. My account also flagged without any reason. How can we understand. We are very depressed.
  9. seriously It's ridiculous.🥵 I am deeply concerned by the situation. My account has been demoted and is currently flagged. Upon reaching out to customer support, I was informed that this action was taken due to a supposed connection to another account, which was disabled for policy violations. I want to emphasize that I only have this singular account and urge for a thorough understanding of my situation. I seek a valid explanation for the flagging, supported by evidence. Despite this, my query was marked as resolved by customer support without providing any substantive answer.
  10. I contact them and they asked "Please bear in mind that our Premium plan has a limited number of spots available, and we continually assess sellers' eligibility based on their recent activity and performance." I was eligible for seller plus premium package previous week.
  11. Hello Fiverr community, I want my personal success manager. Fiverr eligible me for the Seller Plus program but I want to use the Seller Plus premium package. How to do it?
  12. I have more than 50 previous clients on Fiverr. How can I find approved clients among them? I tried to add my clients among my clients but every time Fiverr said "This client is not on our approved list" How can I find a client who is on approved list of fiverr
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