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  1. How do i leave feedback as a seller? I just received feedback from a buyer who can't read, or is just to ignorant to ask a simple question!
  2. Got a message stating a "buyer left feedback on their order"! Where is it then? Where are my reviews? A link within the notification to view what they said would be a good idea
  3. Thanks but I still can't find where I hide the @rogzwt bit of my profile
  4. In a Fiverr environment? Give it some words (You're skills and qualifications) and get it to write out a quick profile or Gig description for you.
  5. I have to ask these questions on here as I cannot find anything in the help section? During my sellers registration process I was asked to add links to add to my own viability, I thought i'll do that later! Now I cannot find that section where I can add these links? I think it was in the linked accounts section? I was going to add links to my Linkedin profile and my own company website.
  6. I suppose fiverr could say my photo of me is not original, I have used it on my own LinkedIn account of me!
  7. If i delete my old account with my phone number can i still use the same phone number to verify a new account? Basically it seems easier to do that than try to edit my old one as every time i try to change something eg: the @rogzwt under my username my profile pic I'm told i can't do it! I'm even told my new profile pic of me/myself/I is not original.
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